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Trade Announcement:

When the High Street re-opens on 12th April 2021, Penfold-distributed product will be coming to you from a new UK home.

All the US publishers for whom Penfold Card & Gift Ltd. has been the exclusive UK distributor – Punch, Legacy, Brownlow, White Dove etc. – are moving to G.M. Gifts Ltd., a company run by my friend and colleague of over 30 years, Andrew Gray.

From 26th Feb 2021, all enquiries about new 2021 product from Punch, Legacy, Brownlow, White Dove etc., should be addressed to G.M. Gifts Ltd. Your contact there is Andrew who is reachable on 07710 070034, or visit

This change provides an opportunity for us to offer you a “lockdown reopening re-stock order” of Penfold product at a special discount of 55% off retail which will come to you from Marston Books in Abingdon for the last time before warehousing moves to G.M. Gifts’s hub at Dash UK. Please look through our inspirational and general lists below and phone Marston with your selections. First come first served!

Any questions or enquiries about this sale to Michael Penfold on 07849 882702 or


Click on the links below to see our 55% discount lines:

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Publishers featured in our Spring Collection – Ling, Punch Studio, Ellie Claire, Brownlow, Legacy, White Dove and Carpentree



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