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About Us: punch studio T-chest - one of our best sellers

Since 1986 Penfold has distributed creative gifts with eye-catching designs and world-beating display concepts throughout the UK and Europe.

Based in Oxfordshire, Penfold Card & Gift is a distributor of gift products from a number of US companies, including:

Punch Studio, Molly & Rex, Lady Jayne, Legacy, Brownlow, Carpentree, White Dove and Blossom Bucket.

To schedule a sales representative visit or to receive further information please email or call 01869 278736 or 07849 882702.

We are open to reviewing new products to take to market, and we occasionally have areas of the UK where we need a new sales agent... 
so please get in touch if you think we can help or if you can help us.

Michael & Cherith Penfold

Directors, Penfold Card & Gift Ltd.

Thank You!

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