Penfold Card and Gift

Penfold Card & Gift – distributor of US gift products

Based in Oxfordshire, Penfold Card & Gift is a distributor of gift products from US companies such as:

Punch Studio, Fringe Studio, Lily McGee, Mrs Grossman's, Legacy, Brownlow, EllieClaire and Belle City Gifts.



To view our product catalogues, click on any of these links:

Penfold Inspirational Autumn 2018 Collection:

Inspirational Autumn products 2018

Penfold Inspirational Autumn 2018 order formPenfold Inspirational Autumn 2018 PDF order form


Penfold Gift Stationery Catalogue 2017:

Link to Penfold general gift catalogue

Click to download Penfold Stationery catalogue orderform in ExcelClick to download Penfold Inspirational orderform as a PDF


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